Last Update: 25 Mar 2019
Version 8.0.4b


About LibraryNet Virtual Membership

Q. Who is a virtual member?
A. The user who sign up to this site and not joining any participating libraries.

Q. Why should I sign up as a LibraryNet member?

A. LibraryNet offers a lot of privileges for the members. Please visit Members to learn more about the benefits one can enjoy as a virtual member.

Q. How much is the memberships fee?

A. There is no charges imposed on being a virtual member currently. But a real member would have to renew the membership according to the fee charges by the library.

Q. How to sign up?

A. You can join us by submitting the completed online member registration form.

Q. If I want to join the library (one of the participating libraries), where should I pay the annual fees and the registration fees? Should I tell them that I have already registered online by myself?
A. You can pay the annual and registration fees at the library. Please kindly let them know you had registered online yourself.

Q. Where can I find the library rules?

A. You can find the information about the participating libraries in the libraries page.

Q. I have no membership in any of the participating libraries. Can I cancel LibraryNet member account?
A. No. However, an inactivate account will be terminated automatically after a year.

About Memberships in Participating Libraries (Real Membership)

Q. Who is a real member?
A. The user who signs up to this site automatically when they become a member of one of the participating libraries.

Q. If I am a member of more than one libraries, can i view or access to my account information in both of the libraries?
A. Yes. You can view your transactions in all your participating libraries in the Members' Personal Page.

Q. Why is my LibraryNet member ID used online is different from the one I use for library transactions?

A. This may happend because you have registered two libraryNet account. If you have registered with any participating libraries, you can use that username and password to login to LibraryNet. You do not have to register with LibraryNet again. Please use the library member account to login to LibraryNet. At the same time, please inform us by sending us an email to

Q. What is the different between the virtual member and the real member?
A. A real member can view and perform transactions online and also interactions with his/her participating libraries while a virtual member can not. However, when a virtual member registers at any of the participating libraries, he/she will be a real member.

Q. Can I top up my library account through LibraryNet?

A. Unfortunately, you are not able to do so at the moment. However, we are in the midst of revamping the LibraryNet to provide more services to you.
You have to go to the library counter to perform such task at the moment.

Q. How to search a book in the library that I join?
A. You can use the OPAC to search book. OPAC is a powerful search tool. If you are a first time user, we suggest you to read through the Search Tips.

Q. How to reserve book?

A. You can follow these steps:

  1. Find the book in LibraryNet OPAC. Click on OPAC to start your searching.
  2. Upon you find a book you want, click on item menu to see the availability of the book.
  3. You will see a reserve item link there. Follow the instruction to reserve the book.
  4. You must collect the book within 4 days starting from the date when the book is return.

Please note that you can only reserve a book if the book has been checked out.

Q. Can I renew my book online?
A. Depending on the library policy, you may perform the renewal if the library allows. However, your tansaction must not be due to perform a renewal transaction.

Q. Can I terminate my library account?
A. You have to approach the library counter.

About Personal Profile

Q. I make mistake in typing my name during registration, can I change it?
 A. Logon to your own Personal Page and you can change your name at personal information>personal profile.

Q. How to change my password?
A. Logon to your own Personal Page and you can change your password at personal information>personal profile. Similarly, you can update your details there.

Q. How to change my username?

A. Unfortunately we do not allow our users to change their username at this time.

Q. I have forgotten my username/password. Can you tell me?
A. We are sorry that we are unable to retrieve your username and password for you as your information is encrypted in our database. However, you can retrieve it through the member sign-in page. The information will be emailed to you through email. If you happened to not have any emails address, then please report to your library for further action.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q. May I know how to contact with LibraryNet administrator?
A. You can send your email to

Q. How to post my suggestions?
A. You can send to