Last Update: 25 Mar 2019
Version 8.0.4b
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find different categories of FAQ that is available within the LibraryNet. You may choose any one of them to view the frequently asked questions relating to the area.

Go to LibraryNet FAQs

The LibraryNet FAQ is where we host questions and answers regarding LibraryNet. This is especially the LibraryNet's membership.

Go to products FAQs

The product FAQ currently host all the frequently asked questions and answers about the products hosted on the LibraryNet. Currently most of the FAQ is about Angka.sa2 Web-based Library Management System.

We might add in more FAQs regarding other products that we host in the future as seen fit. Please stay tuned.

Go to members FAQs

The Members FAQ is where we host questions and answers regarding memberships both for  LibraryNet and participating libraries.