Last Update: 25 Mar 2019
Version 8.0.4b
LibraryNet FAQLibraryNet FAQ

A. What is LibraryNet ?

LibraryNet is an Internet portal that links all the libraries that subscribe to its services. It also provides services that enable connected libraries to share information. For further information about LibraryNet, do mail us on your specific questions.

B. What are participating libraries in LibraryNet?

Library partners are libraries, which contribute to the LibraryNet.

Participating libraries will be able to share their bibliographic records among themselves and at the same time maintaining their ownership on the item records for their libraries. We will publish the highlights and events that are happening in your libraries online to enable the library community to share that information.

LibraryNet will help you in bringing you closer to your patrons and members, to keep them updated with the progress in your libraries. We will publish an introduction on you library profile, circulation policy, calendar of events, newly acquired items, and introduce to them your other affiliated libraries / branches. You will be able to interact with the public on any library matters and to share their feedback and concern through our discussion forum and FAQ section.

We will publish statistics on the activities of your libraries and the members of your libraries will be able to check their transactions done online in the LibraryNet and to perform reservations on items in your library.

You will also enjoy the Angkasa (Web-based Library Management System) online support to help you to improve your IT skills. We will constantly publish the new updates and features in Angkasa in the LibraryNet.

All these, we bring to you, at no extra cost!

C. How can my library join LibraryNet?

Your library can join us to contribute to the Union Catalog the data warehouse of bibliographic records and at the same time, enjoy the benefit in sharing this information with other participating libraries. To join us in sharing the Union Catalog, you must at least subscribe to the Angkasa Web-based Library Management System, the tool used to maintain the Union Catalog.

For us to send you more details, please mail us at

D. Are all the services of LibraryNet free?

Yes, it is. All LibraryNet services are provided free for all of our participating libraries and their patrons.

E. What are the benefits that LibraryNet has to offer to my library?

The benefits of LibraryNet is divided into few sections namely:

a. Cost and time saving - no more extra expenses on getting additional IT experts to build and maintain your website.
b. Expertise sharing - where both the expertise of SAINS IT staff and library staff met.
c. Recognition and Popularity - reaching out to all of the library communities around the world.
d. Maintains Ownership - publication and wide recognition of articles without losing your ownership of those materials.