Last Update: 25 Mar 2019
Version 8.0.4b
Athena - Digital Content Management Athena - Digital Content Management

Athena is a web-based digital content management solution that supports submission, management, publishing as well as access of digital resources. Digital contents are catalogued through descriptive metadata, using Dublin Core metadata standard, and can be cross-referenced with relevant content within or outside of the organization. Access by users is through a set of well-defined rights policies.

Athena supports a vast collection of media types, such as videos (avi, wma, etc), images (jpg, gif, png, etc), audios (mp3, wma, etc) and digital documents (PDF, MS Office,, etc).

Athena's digital media search supports various search methods, including metadata search, full text search, browse as well as listing by specific functions, events or seminars. A Thesaurus is also built-in to produce more accurate search results e.g. Perdana Menteri is tied to Prime Minister. Search history can also be saved for future reference.

In the age of community-based content contributions (example wikipedia), Athena is also designed to support submissions of digital content by relevant contributors. Submissions are routed to the custodian for approval before being made available for viewing. Athena also supports on-line interactions between contributors and custodians in matters related to the submitted digital contents. Furthermore, Athena provides an avenue for community driven comments, feedbacks as well as rating of digital content in the database.

For more information, please refer to brochure.

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