Last Update: 25 Mar 2019
Version 8.0.4b

Q. How do I look for (enter your resource title here) online?

A. You can start looking for your resource by searching through the LibraryNet OPAC. If you would like to know how do you start to use the OPAC, please refer to the Guide for OPAC section

Q. Do you have any resources with the title of (enter your title here)?

A. You may try to use the OPAC system that is readily available from the LibraryNet portal. As an alternative, you may try to contact your library if they can assist you in the search.

Q. I need certain information about certain (enter your issue/topic/organisation/individual/group/community/activity information request here). How can I get them?

A. While OPAC system provides you with the means to search for the related resources, please do not expect other people (including librarians) to feed you with resources required in your research, assignments and many others. The libraries are there to provide you with the resources and the appropriate services to assist you in getting them.

However, you may approach your library if you are in real need of certain information and they will gladly help you in whatever way they can/allowed.

Q. How may I know what are the contents of a certain resource that I found online? How can I read its content?

A. Because of copyright issues, we can not provide online contents for most of our resources online at the moment. However, you may approach your library for further information either through their email contacts or through phone, if not by personally going to the library.

Q. Can I borrow books online through OPAC?

A. OPAC do not allow online circulations by the members themselves at the moment. You have to obtain your books and other resources from the library itself.

Q. Can I do reservations online? How do I do that?

A. Reservations can be made online on resources that is not currently available in the library you are looking into. To do that, please see the guide here.

Q. How can I know what are the books written by certain authors?

A. You may try to search for the author name using the OPAC's Browse Search feature. It will list all the author names that match to your search criteria and you can click on each one of them to view further on the titles that have been written by them.

Q. Why is my library's resources not included in your collection?

A. LibraryNet's OPAC only host collections of the Participating Libraries. To be involved in the OPAC, please do contact us at

Q. I want to search resources that is available within my library only. How do I go about that?

A. You may try the basic search within the OPAC. To get more information on this matter, please see the Guide for OPAC.

Q. May I know if this certain resource that I am looking for is available in the library?

A. You may try to search through the OPAC. If it is not found in the OPAC, there is a possibility of entering too many or too little criteria for effective search, or that the it really does not exist in the library. You may try to approach your library counter for more information on the resources you are trying to get hold of.