Last Update: 25 Mar 2019
Version 8.0.4b
LIBMAS - Product InfoLIBMAS - Product Info

LIBMAS Library Management System is a system designed to facilitate efficient management of book loans and membership services. It includes the following basic functionalities:

    a. Cataloguing of library materials;

    b. Acquisition of library materials;

    c. Management of membership including tracking of membership dues;

    d. Circulation of materials

    e. Processing of material reservations;

    f. Management of periodicals;

    g. On-line inquiries on availability of library materials; and

    h. Generation of statistical reports such as listing of the most popular types, titles, and  authors  of books.

Key Features

Here are the key features for our newly released version for LIBMAS 2.0.

  1. Efficient management of huge collection of library resources

  2. Effective member management

  3. Updatedness of information which can be easily retrieved

  4. Savings in terms of time and manpower in administrative tasks such as preparation of overdue reminders and keeping track of memberships loan status